Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama both have similar qualities in the role they played in fighting for equality in their respective generations. Before comparing the role of these two leaders it is important to understand that although similar, their approaches may seem different because of their role. Dr. Martin Luther King was a minister and an activist, where as President Obama currently serves as President of the U.S. and is mainly a political figure.

Dr. King’s goals for the Civil Rights Movement were mostly directed to equality and rights for African Americans, however, he also had connections with activist fighting for rights of other races, religious groups, and the LGBT community. While many agree that the Civil Rights Movement and the fight for equality is ongoing, when concerning President Obama, the focus seems to spread more evenly between multiple groups. Dr. King’s focus on mainly African American issues in the Civil Rights Movement can be seen in his involvement in the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), the Birmingham campaign, and the March on Washington. One of President Obama’s biggest known achievements was achieving marriage equality, and creating programs in order to help low income citizens; however, it should be noted that according to Black Radio Network.com 89% of Black Americans believe that his leadership was very effective or somewhat effective.

It is not only important to compare the issues that Dr. Martin Luther King, and President Obama focused on most during their presidency, but it also important to compare their approach. Their approach to reaching their goals for equality were more similar than some of the issues that they each focused on. Both Dr. Martin Luther King and President Obama are relatively seen as very eloquent and excellence speakers who are able to lead and affect a large majority of people. Throughout Dr. King’s lifetime and President Obama’s presidency, their speech styles, both in how they are written and delivered are very similar. They both use similar speaking styles that are able to affect most groups regardless of religion, race, orientation, or culture.

Both men had a large following of supporters that were not just African American. Although Martin Luther King Jr. focused mainly on issues affecting African Americans, he was able to lead and incite change in many disadvantaged groups in the US and was also able to lead a large following of White Americans in aiding the Black community for their fight for equality. While President Obama used the tactic of focusing most of his programs on issues that affect a large majority, he was able to win the support of many different groups across the U.S. Both men were able to affectively incite change and lead many people in the Civil Rights Movement and in their fight to help those who are disadvantaged and both men will be remembered for their leadership and contributions to the American people.






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